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CHIPSET TECHNOLOGIES NIGERIA LIMITED was incorporated in 2003 and has since then been a major player in the Information Technology solution and services provision in the areas that traverse the Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), System integration and installation, VSAT installation, Fiber backbone Internet Connectivity, Software Development and installation, IT maintenance and consultancy.

CHIPSET TECHNOLOGIES NIGERIA LIMITED is built on innovative and strategic business ideas with a focus to thrive on any sophisticated ideas where genuine business talent can be narrowly defined using technology in a competitive market. Welcome to our world of our IT endless solutions possibilities.

Network Design,
Implementation and Support

Chipset Technologies has a long list of designed and implemented network solutions deployed for its numerous clients. We are involve in the decision making in choosing the best network type, material to be used, the implementation phases (if required) and above all the required technical support after the design has been implemented.

In this area we deploy VSAT & Fiber solution for Internet connectivity and other purposes based on the client IT need, Structured cabling for LANs, Optic Fiber for WAN, VPN for Intranet & Extranet, Radio Connection for Internet access and/or wireless connection to a remote location, Wi-Fi deployment with zero tolerance for network intrusion.

Integration and Installation

We are a leading firm in the area of system integration, we deploy, install and configure computer/s system to suite our client’s needs. This is made possible by the verse experience in the network designing and integration of end-users devices/applications to suite the organization objective.

System integration is always deployed to maximize the usage of the network resources; such as the servers, printers and shared file and folders. Based on the need of the client we deploy both domain based network and workgroup network with no downtime in accessing the network resources.

In deploying our services, we are always conversant of the fact that growth is imminent, so we always incorporate this in our designs and implementation to avoid disruption of service when the need to expand arises.

One major part of our System Integration is the software development, where we deploy user friendly software solution for a particular purpose, such as human resource management, payroll, finance and accounting. This gives us an edge in servicing and supporting our numerous clients.

Maintenance and Consultancy

We also render IT consultancy to assist our clients in making decisions that pertain to Information Technology to remain compliant with technology growth and development. Also, we maintained the IT infrastructure of our clients.

This is subjected to the contract agreement between us and our client (this is not part of the constant technical support earlier mentioned). Part of this also includes training on specific solution deployed or proposed to be deployed.



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