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Internet Access
(Fiber Backbone Connectivity deploying Licensed Frequency Radio for Last mile)

The high speed Internet access service is delivered using a 10.5GHz NCC licensed radio spectrum platform, using latest Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technology. The service rides on a Carrier class Point-to-Multipoint platform suitable for short, medium and long range Line-of-sight deployments. Typical deployments can extend up to 5kms from the closest Access Point Base Station.

The CPE Outdoor unit (ODU) is connected to the customer Data Terminating Equipment (E.g. Internet Router) via an external Lightning Protected Repeater Box unit using a standard Ethernet cable, carrying both power and data from the indoor Wall Mount unit. The ODU can also be extended as far as 1.5km from the customer equipment using an Indoor Unit (IDU) via a fiber optic cable connection for Multi-site type applications such as Multi- tenant residential dwellings. Your entry costs are significantly lowered as the CPEs are not sold to subscribers, except on demand.


  • Intelligent CPE Network Management
  • Data and Bandwidth usage monitoring
  • Up to 10Mbps Duplex transmission per CPE
  • CPE Layer 2 and 3 QoS provision for IP services
  • Inbuilt Security Firewall
  • Always-On connection (24x7)
  • Easy to deploy (within a few hours)
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VSAT Technology
for Internet services

Satellite Installation(C-Band, Ku-Band) Configuration and Integration: This facet of our service has to do with the provision of internet access through satellite together with its configuration, integration and client-support training and services.

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Fiber Optic Solutions

We design, and deploy Fiber optics solutions to organizations that carry large bandwidth data traffic in a lightning speed. With Fiber optic solutions, there is no less signal degradation, interference and attenuations to the data traffic that is transmitted within the organization. Non-flammable - Because no electricity is passed through optical fibers, there is no fire hazard associated with Fiber cable.

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Email Services

Depending on the clients need, we deploy internet based mail systems with remote server facilities. No need for a domicile local mail server, the mail is been manage from our Internet mail bank in USA. Saving the client the cost of heavy investment on Local mail system. We also use latest Microsoft exchange platform to make office communication (send and receive mails) via a secured network.

The exchange infrastructures are the key to success in an organization whereby a fast, messaging, collaboration and secure communication rules. With more effective access to key and email resources, employees, and partners, can all benefit from enriched collaboration and more fruitful interaction to communicate quickly and efficiently in order to work in a paperless, seamless, effective and productive environment.

Exchange Server can be used on any of the following platform when activated as represented in the diagram

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VLAN Deployments and Segmentations

VLAN is a single logical broadcast domain comprised of interfaces on one or more switches. A major benefit of VLANs is the ability to subdivide one physical switch into multiple logical networks. VLANs increase overall network performance by grouping users and resources that communicate most frequently with each other. This means that the use of unicast or broadcast data transmission is limited, and traffic is reduced.

VLANs provide the following advantages of : Ease of administration, Confinement of broadcast domains, Reduction in network traffic , Enforcement of security policies , Enhanced Network Security, Reduction of Routing for Broadcast Containment, Improved Administration Efficiency Prevent from broadcasting and Use switch instead of router

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Network Security Solutions

We provide Security remediation for corporate organizations to minimize insider and outsider threats .Security attacks vary considerably in their complexity and threat level, and some even happen because of WUI, or witless user ignorance.

Basically, the vital tool that the Internet has become today was absolutely unforeseen by those who brought it into being. This is a big reason why security is now such an issue—most IP implementations are innately insecure. CHIPSET is a Certified Silver Partner with Websense (World Leader in Websecurity).

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Web Design and Hosting

The tools we deploy here enable schools, companies, industries, government and its agencies, etc to be showcased on the world wide web(WWW), (advertising on the internet). The services of an organization can be requested on-line. This package also comes with Domain name registration.

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Professional Computing/IT Training

The focus is on educating staff on how to utilize the computer utilities, programs and solutions to achieve maximum results. This is achieved by using our breed of professionals on IT trainings.

We offer various I.T. training such as CCNA, CCNP, Oracle (10g and 11i), PMP, PRINCE2, ITIL, MCSA, MCDBA, SQL, VB.Net etc.

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Hardware Computer Sales and Networking Equipment

This has to do with the supply of computers, servers, maintenances and after-sales services coupled with getting these computers to communicate with one another and exchange data irrespective of the number, location and functions of individual systems.

Activities of various departments can be monitored and audited from a central unit. We deal with Certified Cisco Systems, Websense, HP, and Dell. Our sales Team can provides your organization with the right equipment needed.

These include but are not limited to Routers, Catalyst Switches, Computer Hardware, Servers High-End Servers, Firewall, Bandwidth optimizer, Software, Voice gateways, IP Phones, Network security devices, Interface cards, storage switches, e.t.c.

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Structured Office LAN Cabling

Selecting the right cabling solution is important, but selecting the right organization to design, install and maintain those solutions effectively is also key to a customer’s business.

Through CHIPSET level of knowledge, expertise, performance and loyalty, demonstrating a level of excellence in one or all of the knowledge and expertise of the SYSTIMAX Structured Connectivity technology, our highly trained Consultants will deliver a peace of mind cabling infrastructure that will protect your business investment with highest level of network performance and reliability. We offer you an efficient premises connectivity system, or distribution system, allows personal computers (PCs), printers, telephones and other communications devices to communicate with each other in your organization.

CHIPSET TECHNOLOGIES LTD structured connectivity solution is a cohesive way of organizing a connectivity system. The basic rules governing our structured connectivity solution are:

»  It uses standardized media and layout for both backbone and horizontal cabling.
»  It uses standard connection interfaces for the physical connection of equipment.
»  It supports equipment and applications of many vendors not just a single vendor. The cabling system is independent of the vendor’s equipment, and thus, is more flexible. This is known as "Open Architecture."
»  It has a consistent and uniform design. It follows a system plan and basic design principles.

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Server Virtualization

This is a platform that enables us to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of that one physical across multiple environments.

Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical computer. Transform your business with Virtualization. Improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources and application through virtualization

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Wireless/Cable Connectivity

This is where we deploy internet through wireless or cable networking. In wireless solution, we do not trunk or run cables on the wall. With wireless, we deploy hot spots to enable oneself surf the internet anywhere around the premises without physical connectivity.
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Client-Server Computing/Software Development

We develop customized software such as Payroll, Library/Result Management System, Sales Management System, etc that will automate your entire activities. This is where the concept of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is utilized.
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We provide VOIP Solution, running voice traffic over IP network with the aim of getting cheaper service for quality solution.

We deployed various platform ranging from the soft phones to advanced unified communication. We tailored our solution to customer needs.



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